bchartier1Bob lives in and works out of out of Calgary, Alberta.  He retired from forty-five years of public service in 2014 and is now engaged in his own “leadership through engagement” practice.

He is well known across the country as a thought leader, author and a down to earth practitioner of new models for employee and citizen engagement, systems thinking and building leadership at all levels. His emerging and new style of leadership is based on the concept of an entrepreneurial “practice” off the corner of the desk. This exciting approach is predicated on the belief that the real job of leaders is to create more leaders and that leadership can be found in the file rooms as well as the boardrooms.

Bob’s long career in public service ranges from organizing school boards from scratch in isolated First Nations reserves to engaging Deputy Ministers and their management teams in building their first Team Charter. He worked a great deal with emerging leaders and youth through his executive leadership instruction at Royal Roads University and the many communities of practice he instituted in all four levels of public service. His work in organizational and community engagement was recognized with the Head of The Public Service Award in 2000.

A few highlights of his career include:

Some other organizations he has worked with include Canadian Forces, Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, St John NB Crime Prevention Task Force, Aboriginal Human Resource Council, Alberta Justice, City of Victoria, BC Ministry of Agriculture, Vancouver School Board, Alberta Family Community Support Services Ontario Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities, City of Red Deer, Town of Olds and most of the federal departments.

He authored the Canadian bestseller on public service, Bureaucratically Incorrect…letters to a young public servant and he continues to write, speak and lead seminars on hands-on “Monday Morning” engagement tools and practices. He will publish a new Toolkit on Engagement in the fall of 2014 as well as a personal memoir on his life in public service.

Note: Bob is a non-motivational speaker…

He much prefers to speak, teach and facilitate from a practical “Monday morning” tools based approach. He believes we must reach far beyond motivation and give people much better tools than the tired meetings, committees and training workshops that were popular in 1956 but not really working so well now.

He is pretty good at keynote speeches, seminars and facilitating large and small group sessions with the new tools.

He is also getting pretty good at writing songs, making tea bowls and playing with grandkids, so he’s busy enough, but if you are serious about bringing a real leadership engagement practice into your organization, there is nothing better that he would like to help you with…