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Calgary: A Music City?

Deep in the coalmines of yesterday, the miners would carry a canary in a cage. The ecosystem in a coal mine could become toxic at any time and a canary that stopped singing was essentially a music artist that was telling you that your environment was not healthy.

Not for Profit … Not so Much

A question I like to ask in my storytelling seminars asks, is it possible to change a big narrative…a big story.” Can we change a story that many of us have accepted as “the way it is” for a long time?

The Uncomfortable Chair

Recently our local city council had an epiphany. For readers not familiar with my city, Calgary Alberta, we have, what is considered a very thoughtful and progressive city council led by a gentleman who has been described, by vote, as the best mayor in the world in 2014 … Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Strategic Planning: Disengaged Compliance or Engagement Opportunity

Strategic Planning has been with us for some time now. The good is that having a plan is probably still a better idea than not having a plan. The bad is that such matters are often still done out of a sense of compliance and is still seen as a high cost“ product created in part by inside “outsiders” and outside “insiders.”