The Music Mile

The MUSIC MILE is a stretch of 9th Avenue SE from the Blues Can in Inglewood to Studio Bell  in East Village, with great live music houses in between.  The blocks near 9th Avenue in Inglewood and East Village are also bursting with more music venues than you could imagine.

The concept of MUSIC MILE was nurtured into being through the work of a small cadre of volunteers now dubbed the Music Mile Crew: Meg Van Rosendaal, Bob Chartier, Sarah Stephenson, Greg Curtis, Kerry Clarke, Chad Saunders, Jim Button, John Rutherford and Colleen Krueger - many of these names synonymous with live music in Calgary. Read more about how MUSIC MILE got started on their website.

And now it's run by the Music Mile Stakeholders through the Music Mile Society of Calgary, a Non-Profit dedicated to promoting and enhancing Music Mile as a popular pedestrian destination for Calgarians and tourists alike. This is just the start - watch it grow!

Tuning into the Music Mile is a an articleby Ursula Maxwell-Lewis in Today's Senior Newsmagazine.   Take a moment to read this article.

Or watch the You Tube Video prepared by NewScoop YYC about the MUSIC MILE.

Another short video by Global News about Where to Go for Art and Entertainment in Inglewood where Bob makes a cameo appearance about the 1:30 mark.

Read this interesting article by Cynthia Calvert which appeared in The Tribune Newspapers, Travel Section on June 7, 2017 entitled CALGARY: Hearing the Sounds of Canada's Austin.

UPDATE:  An article appeared in Air Canada's EnRoute Magazine entitled "Will Calgary Be Canada's Next Music City?" which features a good photo of the "Mayor of the Music Mile"!