Bob Chartier

Speaker | Writer | Artisan | Musician

Bob Chartier

Speaker | Writer | Artisan | Musician

Bob Chartier

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Churchill ~ 1969

With a beautiful hippie wife and two little flower children we took the Muskeg Special, a train full of stories, to Churchill, Manitoba in the fall of 1969.  It was the quintessential late sixties adventure.   A first-time teaching job, first real work team, first...

Elders, An Old Story

An old story goes that a young man tentively knocked on the door of the beloved American poet Robert Frost.  The great man invited him in and poured him a cup of tea.  After more formal introductions, Robert Frost asks the young fellow … "what do you do young man?” ...

Seed Potatoes

Seed potatoes … lessons in gratitude They would spend the winter in my grandparent’s root cellar and in my parent’s dirt floor basement.  They were the fall harvest of potatoes. You could always find two distinct piles of potatoes.  The larger pile was for the...

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