Original Songs by Bob Chartier

Bucket List

Written and recorded in Vancouver under the guidance of my Juno award winning ex brother in law Kevin Finseth. The song was inspired by yet another story of a passing where there were stories of the cruise not taken, the golf not taken up and the guitar lessons never taken.

An old friend Ken Lutes played guitar and Kevin laid down the bass and added the sweet accordion.

Video creation by Murray Little.


An orginal song by Bob Chartier recorded by Andrew Smith @ Vancouver Live Sound.

Musicians include Bob Chartier, Kevin Finseth, and Ken Lutes.

Video creation by Murray Little.

Aged to Perfection

An orginal song by Bob Chartier filmed live in the parking lot of the Blackfoot Diner in the Inglewood area of Calgary, AB.

Musicians include Bob Chartier, Murray Fitch, Doug Paddock, Murray Little.

Videography by Conor Neal  |  Sound by Murray Little.

Cameo appearances by Doug Goddard who provided a 1949 Plymouth and Sheri who works at the diner.

Room for Jesus

A song written in 2016 with a verse added about the importance of maintaining physical distancing during this COVID 19 crisis.

Joining Bob on bass is Murray Little.

Wishful Co-Write

John Prine has influenced the songs of many songwriters and this song is a tribute to this talented songwriter and performer . What if … you could sit down with John Prine and write at least one good line together … what a thrill that would be … imagine … that is what this song is about.

Recorded with the help of Murray Fitch on lead guitar and Murray Little on bass.

High Water

Bob, an Inglewood resident evacuated during the 2013 flooding, wrote this song as a tribute to all the first responders, police, fire fighters, city employees and volunteers who pulled together to help

Bob was joined by Don Gowan on electric guitar & mandolin, and Murray Little on bass.

The fabulous photos were taken by Cole Hofstra, Lindsay Donovan, and Craig Walker.

Thanks to all Albertans – we do rise to the occasion when needed.