By Best Selling Author Bob Chartier

Handcrafted Leadership

Announcing his latest release, from the best selling author of “Bureaucratically Incorrect” …

Handcrafted Leadership is now available.  For more information contact Bob.

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About the Book

Studies indicate that human beings may be becoming increasingly more disengaged than ever. The trends are most pronounced in the workplace where workplace engagement scores are flagging, as well as in our communities where citizen engagement benchmarks ~ such as voting patterns ~ show a serious lack of engagement. This little book is both a story of trying to change systems from within while growing front line leadership. It provokes us to go way beyond theory and motivation, to find real “Monday morning” practices and tools to move our engagement scores in a more positive direction

About the Author

After forty-five years of public service, Bob retired in 2014 and is now engaged in his own “leadership through engagement” practice.

Bureaucratically Incorrect

Letters to a Young Public Servant
This book, written by Bob Chartier, once on the Canadian Best Seller’s list has been out of print for almost 10 years. The book takes the form of a series of letters from an experienced public servant to a young one (whom Bob affectionately addresses as Grasshopper). Each letter focuses on particular lesson and the book covers a gamut of public sector issues and if Bob was more technologically inclined he probably would have published the book as a series of blog posts. They are short, poignant, and to the point.

Bob has plans to republish this book in the near future so stay tuned to this website to find out how you can get your own copy.