Lost Ones & Other Ones

Lost Stories is a search…

 There are stories about the leadership and engagement work out there.  They are not mine nor are they mine to tell. 

 The work started for me in 1992.  I had just finished some post graduate studies in learning organization theory and practice at the U of T (O.I.S.E.) in Toronto and coming back to my federal government employer with a brand new philosophy and some great new tools.

I had amazing support from my manager Sandy Thomson and my Deputy Minister Scott Serson.

The work was well received and quite soon, was expanded into the whole federal system, free-lanced into the BC and other governments and not for profit agencies.  I also found a core of early adopting practitioners in folks like Lieutenant Commander Bob Thompson, Sylvie LaPointe, Karen Bonner, Rachel Pollard and Shelley Sullivan from the BC government and Ian Chisholm from the private sector.  Later we were joined by so many interested and interesting people from management, the front lines and especially the hundreds of people who took up the work as their own little “corner of the desk” practice.

If we could hold a conference once a year with even a third of these people, just to hear stories about that one afternoon when we stared doing Stand-ups, held a Work-out on more effective communication, put our whole system into a Café, learned the Feedback Tool or transformed another boring meeting with the Interview matrix tool.

So, today on this website I am putting that wish out into the universe …

What is your story?

There are three ways we can tell these lost stories …

  • You can write it and I’ll put it here on the site.
  • I could interview you and write the story
  • I could interview you and we will put it here as a mini podcast.

Managers … did a tool; work for you on a piece of work?

Practitioner’s … successes or failures?

Front line … did you get to participate in something that felt different and seemed to get the job done better?

Lost Stories … out there waiting for a voice.

SADD Charter

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob when he came to speak at a Northwest Leadership Academy meeting. I became inspired by his idea of creating charters when working with a group of people. I chose to create a charter for school’s Student’s Against Drinking and Driving scholarship application.

One Deputy, One Problem, One Tool

In 2005 a group of 20 people gathered at the Lake Okanagan Resort outside of Kelowna for 4 days. They were the first group of many to be invited to the Leading Learning Organizations (LLO) sessions to learn the curriculum of leadership and engagement tools and techniques developed and delivered by Bob Chartier. The group represented a broad spectrum of the diverse business of our Ministry.