Hacking Bureaucracy

A Series of Essays for 2017
As 2017 begins I feel inclined to write more and to let some of my previous writing come out into the sunlight.

The essays here will be for the most part about that part of my life concerned with my practice of leadership and engagement. The essays will probably, true to form, be more of challenges to some of our existing mental models in organizations and I will do my best to give them a little righteous tipping.

However I may just feel like writing about something completely off that track and will enjoy doing so.

As usual any feedback or comments to the essays would be most welcome.

Churchill ~ 1969

Listen to the story as you follow along ...   With a beautiful hippie wife and two little flower children we took the Muskeg Special, a train full of stories, to Churchill, Manitoba in the fall of 1969.  It was the quintessential late sixties...


It is the Juno weekend of 2018 as I write this little story. Twenty-seven years ago, I went to my first and I suppose only Juno Awards show. am not sure how I might have scammed one more blessed press pass but it may have come from Sask. Report magazine looking for another story on our beloved Saskatchewan roots musician, Colin James. Colin did end up with Best Male Vocalist later that evening.

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