Hacking Bureaucracy

A Series of Essays for 2017
As 2017 begins I feel inclined to write more and to let some of my previous writing come out into the sunlight.

The essays here will be for the most part about that part of my life concerned with my practice of leadership and engagement. The essays will probably, true to form, be more of challenges to some of our existing mental models in organizations and I will do my best to give them a little righteous tipping.

However I may just feel like writing about something completely off that track and will enjoy doing so.

As usual any feedback or comments to the essays would be most welcome.

Bureaucracy in the Arts … Surely Not

For years, I have pondered the dilemma of toxic bureaucracy and how it continues to choke institutions of public service, business and community service …

Small Business: Backbone of the economy or slipped disc …

I grew up in a small business family. In such times small business was a pretty good deal. You could pick your business, pick your city or town, buy a small storefront or commercial property and spend the next forty years working your assets off …

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